Friday, August 12, 2011

5 treatments left :))

Five weeks into treatment and all I can say is, " ouchie"

I knew the side effects would catch up to me. My ear is killing me! It's dry from radiation and painful which has triggered the beautiful feeling of dizziness, headaches and vertigo. I have been waking up hoping my ear is still attached. So much fun!

SPOHNC ~ A great meeting last night. Paul and I went together. We both love that everyone in the room, understands. You don't have to go into such detail when your talking about treatment....they know what it's like. Paul has been by my side from the day we met, the beginning of this awful, sometimes hilarious journey. He can speak openly and is supported by everyone as well.
If you are on Facebook. Please go to the SPOHNC group page and hit LIKE. Thanks.

There are support groups for Oral, Head and Neck cancers all over the place.
Go to to find one near you.

Resting my dizzy head.

Peace and balance

25 down
5 left

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Sjn said...

hang in there girl! They say the 5th week of Radiation is the hardest, so it's uphill from here on out!
Praying for you.