Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend Results

Not letting crummy news completely ruin my weekend, I packed my friend Diane's car and headed out to OUR beach house out east. It's technically Sarah's house, but Diane and I tell everyone it's ours. I do have my own room key it's kinda mine too! The girls hung with the kids for a few days while we waited for our prince charmings to finish up the work week and rescue us. We just needed help with the beach chairs...and to bring us lunch.

It was a nice weekend, spent with great friends who helped me get through the shock process. Spent sometime with Paul's family out in Montauk on Sunday and then headed home to lounge on the Boat.

While we were getting the doggies squared away...I fell.  Yes folks..I did a backwards dive off a 4 foot wall in the front of my house onto my back. Don't ask me how it happened. Paul is still trying to figure out how I was able to do it. I was running down the stairs and just feet were moving faster than my brain! 
Let me first tell you about the pain that ran up my back and butt..and then the burning of my legs, arms and back. I fell onto a 110 degrees driveway and seriously couldn't put my hands down to lift myself, it was so scorching. Like I said...Paul is still trying to figure this one out! He spent the rest of the day watching me very closely....telling me to be careful! 

We made it onto the boat and watched a wonderful firework show out on the water. It was one of the best. The refection of color off the water was spectacular. I felt my cheeks hurting from smiling so hard. It was the perfect end to the weekend. 

Birthday countdown: 8 more days! 

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