Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniverary

 Seven Years ago 
July 19th 2003

Today was the best day ever! We went to the beach, ran around in the ocean and relaxed. Had a great dinner and enjoyed each others company. It was cute...we sat next to one another at the table. It was it wasn't that weird!

My sis-in-law said it...we have a ton to celebrate.
Paul has been a strong loving husband to me. His compassion and strength is truly amazing.  I love him so much and  I couldn't imagine my world without him.  Paul has been by my side from the beginning. He never complains about anything..scratch that...he's mad because he tripped over the vacuum cord that I left out and twisted his ankle...BE HAPPY I VACUUM!

We met in 2001...He had on an orange hat. We dated...went to Vegas a few months later. I dared him to marry me in an Elvis Chapel...He wimped out. We got back home and then I moved in. That's the quick version.
A few years into our relationship I had my first brain surgery. He held my hand 8 years ago .... Married me...and continues to take care of me. His patience is unbelievable...really it is! I am not the perfect patient!
I know I do so much for him too...and that is why we balance each other out so nicely. I have put up with years of snoring...and I finally found the perfect ear plugs!
You have my heart... I love you Paul.

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Kathy said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!
May you have many many more happy years together.