Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Great Fall, Boobie Milk and Surgery

My Fall down the stairs...or off the stairs now called MY FAILED SUICIDE ATTEMPT! I still have no idea how I ended up backwards.  I am adding humor to it, because my back is killing me and I need to move on from the pain and humiliation.  Call the house if you would like to hear Paul's version of me screaming! 
Doctors visit was better than I thought. Past scans showed the cancer growing in this spot for sometime. It just wasn't ever big enough to pick up. Good news is that it's slow growing in this area. Dr's couldn't give me a reason to why it's there. They never really can. Silly Cancer likes hanging out in my head. The surgery will not be as invasive as we thought. My Surgeon (Brain Guy) and Radiologist (New Dude) will try something different. They will remove the Cancer from my scull and  Dura ( gooey part around the Brain). Patch it all up.....clean what they can and then...This is great....Radiate me! New Doc will put a small radiation disc in the area where the cancer was to kill microscopic cells for 20 minutes. They will remove it and stitch me back up. It's like a double whammy surgery. 

Mom....I lied this morning to you. I told you I ate breakfast. I know how worried you get about me taking care of myself. I can't eat today. Yesterday, I could of eaten my entire fridge. Condiments and all.  I'm technically I am just eating liquid veggies. I promise to eat lunch...I know it's too hot to not eat. 
I am feeling it a little harder today. It's now a reality. Cancer stinks. 

I am waiting to hear back from the Nurse to schedule the surgery for August. Brain Doc said 4-5 weeks. I said, " No, how's 6-8 weeks?" Paul just shook his head. It's  slow growing..and I have a tan to keep up! I  always cancel things and shift my life around for surgery. It can wait an extra week. 

Sis..Nance..I left a message too. Hoping they get back to one of us.My sis-in -law has been doing research  (awesome cancer sidekick family member!) on the positive affects of Breast Milk. Has anyone done any research on this? I need feedback. Calling a place in Sweden that she found. 
Check it our Cancer fighters!

Word of the Day
The dura mater (pronounced /ˈdjʊərə ˈmeɪtər/), or dura, is the outermost of the three layers of the meninges surrounding the brainand spinal cord. The other two meningeal layers are the pia mater and the arachnoid mater. The dura surrounds the brain and the spinal cord and is responsible for keeping in the cerebrospinal fluid. The name "dura mater" is derived from the Latin "hard mother",[1] and is also referred to by the term "pachymeninx" (plural "pachymeninges").[2] The dura has been described as "tough and inflexible" and "leather-like".[2]

Big Hugs for Elsa...Thinking about you. We are strong fighters! Love you


Anonymous said...

If anything can cure it I believe breastmilk could! It's pure, amazingly complex, and created for humans to consume. Why not?


Kathy said...

Hi Michelle,
It's been awhile since I visited and I am so so so so sorry that once again, you have a stupid surgery planned for this stupid cancer. Elsa, then you and me too, at least that is the plan. I'll be spending Christmas recovering from a nice thoractomy.
I know what you mean though. You get back to the business of living and then all of the sudden, the sarcoma pulls you back into cancer land hell. It gets to the point where we are afraid to start anything because we know we'll have to stop and deal with the tumors. But no matter what, don't stop moving forward. Live like there are no tumors. Keep moving forward. I hope and pray that there will be no more surgeries after this! I've started juicing again too and eating protein and veggies and all that good stuff.
Hang in there. Whole Foods is my friend.

Erin said...