Thursday, April 30, 2009

California Dreams

I never thought I would have so many funny stories from an 8 day trip! Not an acid mushroom kind of actual vacation. 
I left last wednesday and flapped my wings to Portland, Oregon to see my sister-in-laws and beautiful niece Olive. I received an education about garden snakes that I agree now everyone should have as a pet. Embedded in my brain are a few kiddie songs about ducks & friendship, found a fabulous doll & hiked the forests to give back 2 very special frogs. Olive, Nance and I drove to watch my first Rodeo.  I am not a big fan about the way they handle the cows, but am impressed on how tight those cowboys wear there jeans. I sat on the bleachers & tried to come up with a way I could wear 3 inch heels, ride a horse in a  cowgirl hat and not step in horse poop.  

After a great couple of days I headed over to San Francisco. I am now thankful for those fantastic songs, because they got me through the hour and a half plane ride with a man who slurped tomato juice,  scratched his crotch, and gave me a graphic description of how his wife  delivered his son! Yes, he explained the whole birthing process to me, stretched out vagina & placenta goo. Yep...gotta love it.
He carefully reached into my dance space (thank you Baby!)  for my Kindle ( little electronic book).  I jerked into the isle  hitting stewardesses trying to cover it from his germie hands.  I had to laugh when the guy behind me giggled for the entire flight while my  piggy neighbor spit peanuts all over me! 

After the Hell ride I was chauffeured by my beautiful friend Cindi.  I met Cindi in Boston during my stay last year. We are Proton Radiation survivors! We are two peas in a pod. We have  both endured similar surgery's ( pretty forehead bumps)  and treatments. Only a few understand the journey & I am so thankful to have her in my life.  It's been a year and we celebrated with walks of the beach, yoga ( I'd move just to have classes with the gorgeous instructor...california surfer-yoga dudes!) & champagne.
The highlight was definitely the shopping trips. A cute little shop in Tiberon, that required us to make an appointment for a 1 on 1 shopping experience. Having one dressing room, it  left us running around  naked in the store hoping a passerby didn't see us through the  store window. The lovely owner  of this store was the proud beauty queen of large cheek implants! We nick-named her squirrely or a.k.a.  squirrel cheeks! This is after Cindi told her that she looked familiar and it MUST be  because of her cheeks! I almost died and walked backwards leaving my friend to defend herself with hangers and Jimmy Choo's if she needed to.

My Peaceful trip had lead me to believe that I am suppose to be living in California. 
My goal is to convince Paul to move , join the Mill Valley yoga studio, surf  & shop with squirrel face forever! 

With all my California dreaming love,

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