Sunday, May 3, 2009

Testing 1,2,3

Every 4 weeks I can plan on a few things to come without surprise. Pms,  Mri's & Blood work. Yes, folks it's that time of month, again.
Thursday started with a lovely 3 hour drinking yummy raspberry juice and Ct scan of my lower abdominal area. Fun times! Tomorrow & Tuesday I will enjoy Mri's & heart tests long with some weigh in's, blood work. The nurse  will ask me every 5 minutes what my name  & birth date are. One day I am going to change my name and freak them all out. That's going to be fun!

I will check in on Wednesday with results. Right now I am heading to bed with heartburn  from my pills and a chill from the lovely rain we are getting. You have to love spring showers.

Hugs & kisses to all.

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