Friday, October 30, 2009

Mrs. Potato head

12 head surgeries! Amazing that I haven't turned into Mrs Potato head! I have to pop in my Angry Eyes!

We arrived 1/2 hour late this morning due to traffic. I loved that I was reprimanded for being late. He asked me what time it I was a child. I also love Paul's come back response. He said, " OK, so the 10 times before this that we were early and waited around because you are never on time doesn't count?" It was very funny. After that the desk guy kept coming in to check on me. Ha!
After the nurse tapped my hand for 40 minutes looking for a vein....I walked into OR #2. I just have to add that I think it's so funny that the hospital has signs all over, WASH YOUR HANDS, STAY CLEAN. They give you a lecture about no deodorant (I don't use anyway), perfumes....because it's not sterile. But, then on the say of the operation you walk the nasty halls, use the bathroom in gray thin gross socks, jump on the table in them and its OK?? What is that?

Dr. Boyle said the lymph node came out nicely and he looked around the area to see any signs of spreading. It looked nice and clean. The biopsy did show spindle cell sarcoma. I am thrilled that it wasn't anywhere else. Not jumping for joy yet. I have learned not to get too excited. Positive, but realistic.

I am feeling good, sore. I am just taking Advil for the discomfort. I haven't felt any pain, just bruising and stiffness. My throat hurts more from the breathing tube...ugh I hate that thing.

I will get a scan most likely in 2 weeks, see Dr. Maki and then will start making decisions about the next step. I think it's time to get a little more aggressive. These bad cells in my body are having a field day!

Have a spooky Halloween!

Hugs, Mrs Potato Head

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Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

I hope you are doing well these days. I have been following the story of your relapse. Excellent writing! I wanted to share two of your recent posts "My Plan" and "It's Back!" with readers of my website Being Cancer. I feature guest posts each Wednesday. I will include two links to your blog. You should see an increase of traffic to your blog and new readers.
Take care, Dennis