Thursday, September 17, 2009

Welcome home Me!
I got home last night from a long day of airports and strange people. My favorite had to be the guy eating his peanut butter sandwhich next to me on the flight home. It was like the time I gave Pepper , my dog a spoonful. It took her hours to lick the roof of her mouth. Yet, this guy was worse. I think a piece got stuck in his teeth.....he kept cocking his head back like a crazy person. I thought he was having a ceizure. You would think that after his soda exploded all over myself and a few other people he would realize how rude he was being. Nope! Snack boy just went onto another fun .....big O' bag of crunchy pretzels. After that he listened to his 1980 tape deck with matching head phones.

I am heading to bed. I will write more tomorrow.
Love, Michelle

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Nance Paternoster said...

How do you end up sitting next to these weird over germy freaky dudes ?