Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Plan

Dear Blog Followers,

Being on a high dose of antibiotics had me feeling achy and out of whack. Good news, my ear is feeling so much better. Today was my appointment with Dr. B. The thought of heading back into the hospital was making my stomach flip. I just wanted to be away from that hospital for a while and get my life back!

This morning I woke up with all the right intentions of going to my appointment. I planned on heading in around 9:30. I was getting a cup of tea ready for my drive. My plan was to get gas, take the top down on my car and blast some music. That's when Paul decided that he wanted to go with me. He didn't want me to go alone and wanted to drive. He's been swamped at work trying to catch up and knowing it was only a checkup I told him I was fine. I like taking the drive or train in, having some time to myself.

We were out the door & driving when something came over me. My plan that I had for the day changed. I felt a little upset & had an instant rush of anxiety. I was panicking inside, a feeling that I rarely have. It was like something was pulling me back home, back to my comfort zone. There was no way that I was going into the city. Within a second I called and canceled the appointment. I don't know if it was fate telling me to turn around. All I know is that a wave of sadness came over me. I wanted to be out of the car. Paul drove us home and I got right back into bed. I curled up for a few minutes, took a deep breath and I felt better.
I'm really not sure what that was about this morning. I know that I like to have control over certain situations. Paul coming with me, changed everything. I love that he cares so much about me and wants to drive me in. Today was just a checkup! Nothing else...I am not ready for anything more right now. Having Paul with me, driving in his car......I felt like it was now a bigger deal. Almost like I was going to get bad news.

I should just open my mouth when I have a plan and continue on with it. I need to do things on my own...I need some control over the things that I can control.

But, maybe the planets weren't aligned right or one of my beautiful guardian angels was protecting me. I just know that I made the right decision. I went with my gut and stayed home today. It was such a strange day!

Good Night!


Erin said...

You did the right thing, although you may never know exactly why. Good for you for following your heart.

Peggy said...

I need to follow my gut more often, thank you for reminding me.