Sunday, June 14, 2009

Morphine update

I'm not going to sugar coat this surgery. Friday was just awful. I woke up thinking that I made a big mistake and just wanted to take it all back. I was holding my stomach in so much pain. My head was throbbing.  I hate how you feel when you are waking up during a lovely morphine trip. It's the worst feeling.  I knew I needed to get off of the morphine! 
Paul took me home early this afternoon. I still have 2 drains in with staples and a pretty glued together stomach. I feel horrible and just want the next few days to pass quickly.
Doc  was very happy  with the few tumors he removed. We sent them off to the Bahamas and California for some testing & to make a vaccine. 
Now, I just need to heal up  and get back on my feet. 

Thanks for the love and Prayers
Hugs, Michelle


Jennie said...

I pray for a speedy recovery!

Erin said...

Get better! You'll be clicking your high heels in no time! Prayers and hugs!

Anonymous said...

Well, the good news is that the op is in the past and di Bahama ting be in ya future Sista!!

Now you just be healing up and flying south ...

Yo Bro G

Elsa D. said...

Michelle, I am so glad it is over. Get well.

yeah, I hate the narcotics. I hate the hallucinations...

anyways take care and I'll be done with mine soon.