Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sweet Brivanib Dreams

Brivanib Dreamland! This is the lovely place that I will be dreaming about tonight.
I have been so sure about this Placebo. But, tonight 1/2 and hour after taking my triplets (3 pills!) I felt off. I was light headed and Brivanib groggy! Maybe I am just tired.  My mind plays funny tricks on me.  I can't fathom these tumors getting bigger. Especially the ones on my head. I am going to be walking around town with horns soon.  Tumors popping out of my head! Forget the eyebrow! I am going to need caution tape wrapped around me at all times. I am waiting for triplet heartburn to wear off so I can go to sleep. 
Tomorrow I get scan results. I also get to talk with Dr Doom about the next step.

Vent Section (read on with Caution) 
Stupid, stupid pills! Stupid cancer and stupid doctors with stupid mri machines! ughghhg I hate it all and I hate heartburn!  ahhahahhaha 

Now I am ready for bed!
Sweet Dreams 

P.s Please send good energy to my friend Billy. Love to Cindy, Anna,  Gail, Elsa, Elizabeth, Adina & all my ROCKIN friends.  Baby Belly Rubs to Georgia & Mary Kay! Kisses to Kerryanne for letting me make corn pasta and for being apart of the band!

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