Friday, August 29, 2008


Hello Friends,
Filling you in on the latest news.
I have a little bump that's lingering near my ear.  Even though I just had's gotten bigger. It's in a slightly different area then usual. Funny little things, they are just popping up anywhere they please. I get a PET scan on the 4th and my lovely eye tube out on the 5th. Doc said wait 3 months and we can pop that thing out, no more tears! It will be 3 months and 1 day. It's totally annoying me. 
The PET scan is really important. It's going to show if this horrible sarcoma crap has spread. This little bump is in a good spot to take out. But, that means more surgery, more scars. I am getting to know the anesthesiologist too well. I don't even get the countdown anymore. They just knock me out!

With that in mind, I am really happy to say that I have been thinking outside the box......that's the Dr's little chemo-radiation grossness box. I had a piece (it was in my fridge) of my tumor that was removed 2 weeks ago  & Paul sent to a clinic in the Bahama's. It's a process I am not typing out but, I will post the link. so you can check it out. Basically they made a vaccine that hopefully will be able to help me. Cross your fingers & toes! 

Paul and I will be heading down to Freeport in 2 weeks to check it out. I will learn how to do my own injections of this vaccine. It's a process that will be my ritual for 12 weeks.... yes I will have a countdown. This is not a cure, it's to help get my white cells working. Faking  them out, getting them to fight those nasty cancer cells that are having there own little VIP  party in my head. 

I think I am in for another bumpy (get it!) road. But, I feel so strong & feel in my heart that between the vaccine & other amazing things that have floated my way...I will get through this. Again!

Love, Michelle

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