Thursday, September 8, 2011

Big Brain

I am home from the hospital...No Headaches! 

I knew something was terribly wrong on Saturday. I just waited because I wasn't sure if my pain was going to subside. It didn't. 
I had the worst head pains. I mean...I couldn't even talk it was that bad.  I thought I was going to die, really that's how horrible it was.  Monday night I woke up at midnight....crawled to the living room...holding my head and then I threw up. The last time I felt that way was after my Brain surgery. I knew something was wrong and I needed to see a Doctor. 

Paul drove me into Urgent Care at Mskcc.  I did testing and an MRI. Neurologist tested my Brain functions. Remember these three words.... Couch, green & honesty. Piece of cake! I passed my test, now give me drugs....please. 

The scan showed severe swelling in the area  that I had radiated years ago. This was my diagnosis.... worsening leftward subfalcine shift from 10-14 mm. brain moved! Really it moved which has been causing the headaches, eye problems...dizziness. My recent treatment didn't help. The nerves go right into this area and the radiation tricked in. My brain got fantastic smart brain does not fit in my pretty scull. 
I have necrosis in this area, which hasn't changed. That's a very good thing. I got an IV and they pumped me with a bag of steroids.
I have swelling from Radiation. Even though my brain wasn't getting radiated, it can get some leftover that can cause problems. I was able to see my eye doctor today at the hospital. They were nervous about spinal/brain fluid in my eye. I was fine...but have cataracts. 

I will be on steroids and belly medicine for a while. I see my Neurologist and Brain Doctor (love him) soon and will get on a plan of attack. I still have to deal with the lymph node bumps  that I found in my neck. Cross your fingers that it's nothing. My track record.....It's most likely something. Good thoughts! No more surgery....I am taking it as it comes. 

Good news! The scan showed that my nerve that I just did 6 weeks of treatment on looks great. The tumor cancer cells may be gone! The radiation worked! I still have to wait for another scan in a few weeks...but, that was promising. 

I am back in bed. Being careful about my head. I can't even tell you how scary this is. My Brain is swollen and could be a problem.  I am just so happy that I don't have a headache. 

Brain love to all and to all a good night

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Sjn said...

you have been through the ringer girl! Sending prayers for healing your way... total healing of your entire body and your mind. Cancer treatments are exhausting. You rest up and take care of yourself.