Monday, February 14, 2011

Sarcoma Drugs

Happy Valentines Day 2011

It was a beautiful day today. The weather was just perfect. I would of liked it about 30 degrees warmer...but I will take 53. Paul and I had a great evening. A random call to one of our favorite restaurants at 4pm landed us a table a 5pm.  We then came home to a buffet of chocolate covered buffet that I set up in the living room! Watched a movie and we are heading to bed early. A perfect evening! I am married to the most loving man. When he tells me that I am beautiful...I know he means it. 

This is a little note, question to my bloggers. Has anyone heard of RIDAFOROLIMUS ????

I did a little research about it. I would love to get feedback from anyone. I am going to talk to my oncologist tomorrow about it. I am hoping to start something soon. I can't wait for another tumor, sarcoma attack. I have been through so much. My poor body and mind, I totally exausted.  I am actually excited to see the Dr's tomorrow.  Strange even for me. 

On top of that...I have confusion in my support circle. It kills me to push people away. I just don't have the energy to make others feel good about decisions they have made. Or chase them looking for love. It's getting ridiculous! You are either by my side or you're not. It's that simple. Honesty is easy and respected. 

My mother gave me great advice today that I am going to follow through on. 

Have a wonderful week. 

Love Love Love 


Erin said...

I have never heard of ridaforolimus, but, ohmygosh, the name cracks me up! It sounds so much like a drug that Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck would use,doesn't it? Are you going to participate in a trial?

Anonymous said...

Ridaforolimus likely works very well in specific subsets of sarcoma. The 3 weeks progression free survival is just a "median" number and the drug is likely to have a great amount of efficacy in certain types of sarcoma depending on which type you have. I wish you all the best