Saturday, January 22, 2011


I'm home from the hospital.
Surgery went really good. They removed the tumor in my cheek and neck. Doc also took out a few other lumps and fifteen lymph nodes in my neck.
I have a ton of stitches in my mouth. I'm on my second day of mashed potatoes. I'm so swollen and bruised I can't chew anything.

I am heading back to bed. I'll blog more when I'm feeling better.

Moving forward.

Xoxo Thanks for checking up on me.


Anonymous said...

Heal Quick ~ Sweet Girl.

Anonymous said...

I often stop here to see how you doing. Great blog, and great girl, so strong and beautiful.

wish you the best,


Anonymous said...

Hope you're healing quickly and successfully, Michelle. Have said lots of prayers for you...

Anonymous said...

So glad this surgery is over and you are healing -- quickly we hope! Sending lots of good wishes and love from Norm and me! Marva