Monday, September 27, 2010

Tornado and Scans

Good Evening

I was just going to bed and realized that I haven't blogged and so much has happened in the past two weeks. I guess I will just sum it up in a few lines. It's a very long story.

Thursday I went into MSkcc for my Brain ( maybe a blood clot headache mystery) Mri and a Tornado  touched down in Queens. So I stayed in the city  with some friends and Friday I ventured back to the hospital for 2 more Mri's. It was a fun filled two days!
Saturday, I supported a fantastic friend and slept in a Tent with 10 other girls! It was great and I had so much fun. The weather was perfect for a beach party and sleep over. A memory I will never forget!

It's been a very exhausting week. I have had so much on my plate. I spend my mornings on the phone returning Dr's calls. I am looking under every rock for anything new about Sarcoma. There has to be more out in the clinical Hospital world. I just want to make sure that this drug is really "It" for me.

On another note:
I just want some peace in my day to day. I am letting go of some negative-ness that has blocked my spirit this past week. It's now removed from my body and flying somewhere else. I am starting to clean up the house, frienships and my body of just crap that holds me down.  It's nice to be clean!

My scans came back good and I don't have a blood clot! Lot's of scar tissue from the last surgery. They are still not sure what's causing the headaches. I have now had one for three days. The  lymph node on my neck showed up on the scan. It's on the right side located near the one he removed last summer. Pray that it stays in it's comfy spot and doesn't travel. I don't know when I would even remove it. I couldn't imagine going in for another surgery. I am hoping this drug works.


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Erin said...

Hey, Michelle! I just stopped by to say HELLO bc I haven't checked in for awhile. So glad you are leaving the negativity behind. It's a constant struggle, tho' , don't you think? Peace and blessings for you and Paul tonight, this week, and always.