Sunday, September 12, 2010

Alien Brain!

Check out the strange alien head picture below! That's my brain with a tumor sitting under my scull!!
Look right above the white arrow and you can see it! I had no idea that it was that big. I wouldn't of been doing cannon balls in the pool right before surgery.  Wait, that's not true...I would have been doing them.

It's been a month. I have to say that I really thought I was going to bounce back quicker. I am feeling so much better now and happy that I got through it. My headaches are finally easing up. I still feel weirdness in the area of surgery. That I know will take time. Getting back to my routine. Started dancing and working out (12 minutes on the elliptical counts) !!!!!

I went in last week to see Dr. Doom and to talk about treatments to keep the cancer calm. We came up with a good plan. I want everyone to know that I refused to get on the scale. The nurse just looked at me and shook her head. She then said, " How much do you think you weigh?" I told her to write that number down.  She made me get on! I just closed my eyes and didn't look.  Three weeks of caramel popcorn & Jersey shore re-runs adds up.

Hugs and Alien Brains,


John said...

Hi Michelle, just thought I'd drop by tell you that I'm absolutely blown away by how upbeat you are. It's amazing and super inspiring :D the picture below is interesting too.

Also, got a juicing website you might be interested in. Feel free to add it with your other juicing link.

Have a great day!

The Cancer Wife said...

Hi Michelle,

My husband was diagnosed with a high grade Sarcoma in May- they think it is a Malignant Triton Tumor. He did radiation and had a successful surgery with negative margins- now we are in the wait, watch and hope stage of this experience. I have been following your blog for a while. My husband isn't that into connecting with others on-line but I find it very helpful- just thought i would let you know that reading your blog has helped through all of this. I have been writing about our experience as well at I wanted to finally say hi and wish you well.
The Cancer Wife