Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reporting late

I have to share!

I am blogging at midnight because I never want to forget this spectacular feeling! I am certain that I am on and have been on the Brivanib! I know I said I was on the Placebo..but I did something different. Just like you Elsa, I hate taking the pills and had to figure out another way to take them. When I take them right before bed I get heartburn or one gets stuck in my throat & feels funny. I decided to pop them around 9:30 this evening. Right now I am dizzy, thirsty & exhausted! This is fantastic! I guess my body is getting use to them! My blood pressure is up & I feel like I just downed a bottle of Champagne (feeling tipsy) , gotta love the Brivanib!

That means the pills are working and no more guessing games. 


Elsa D. said...

I miss having my blood pressure higher. Now I am back to my 80/50.
Many hugs dear Michelle

Briva-WHAT?! said...

I just started reading your blog. I am about to start Brivanib. It's nice to read about someone elses experiences with the drug.

Just thought I'd say hello.