Thursday, July 17, 2008

Billy Joel & 30

Hello Blog followers,

I am officially 30 years old and starting it off right. I had a great birthday, brunch with Mom & a fantastic boat trip to Connecticut for Dinner. Don't worry I changed on the boat into an adorable dress & sandals. 

Last night 8 of us limo-ed it to Shea  Stadium, home of the Mets  to see Billy Joel. And even though my throat is sore from yelling   & the gentle men behind me was furious that I wouldn't sit down  ( who sits at a concert?) ..........It was an awesome concert.

I learned a fabulous new game called Liar's Poker & would like to send out a sincere thank you to PETE for the hundred dollars that I collected from him! 

For all of you that say ,"Thirty is the new 20". Yeah, not even close.  I think most people ( like myself ) are happy that our immature, unpredictable twenty's are over.  I think we got away with more.  Having a friend hold our hair back on  a Saturday night bingefest is no big deal....Your in your 20''s exceptable. Your living it up, your still able to chill with the spring breakers. When some one asks your age... "I'm  29" , because that 2 in the front just changes everything. You can still party and get away with it.  At 30 you have to turn the class button up a notch. So, I flipped the switch and  now I will be waking up every morning waiting for  the arm jiggle and leg cellulite.
Don't get me may still see me under a block of ice waiting for my chilled  shot of patron to poor down...but I most likely will be in bed by 10!

Special Hugs and love to Eric & Cindy in Boston.....Hope your feeling better Eric!


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