Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Good evening, morning...what time is it???

I don't even know what to do with myself right now.  I am lying in bed, which is the worst because I only feel the pain more.  My back is so bad that I can't even catch my breathe. My hands are completely numb from rubbing this lydocaine cream into my lower back, the spots that I can reach. Shooting nerves up and down my spine and now into my lower back, cute butt and legs. I can tolerate a ton, not this. I gave in to the pain pill gods and hoping they kick in soon. I need relief from this. Every movement hurts. I look like I am being eaten by my bed pillows. Not even kidding you, I must have 10 surrounding me. Rolling around in my sleep or moving makes me jump up. You should check out my adorable wedge pillow! Highlight of my evening.

When my brother stayed with me, I loved that he would listen to meditation to sleep. It was very peaceful. Better than watching t.v.  I need to do this. He is a smart boy!

I am begging my doctors tomorrow to help me. I am seeing them to sign consent for another radiation and nerve block. I am not even sure what's going on.  Going with the flow on this one.

Today was a nice day. I saw my adorable cousin Mary Margaret. It was wonderful catching up with her. She came over and we had a nice time hanging with the doggies in my house.

Exciting to see again. My vision is great! What a difference. This I am grateful for. Patience and good healing on my lovely blue eyes.

Please send a big hug to my friend Frank. He is struggling with eating. He did get some good news this week from the doctors. We are very happy Frank.

Back to my wall of pillows and sleep ( not sheep!)

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Anonymous said...

I listen to praise & worship music if I can't sleep. Helps me to have good dreams too. :) I'm sorry you're in so much pain, nerve pain is unbearable. :( Praying the meds take effect soon. Love you! Jess-Jess