Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays 2010

I am a little late on the Holiday blog wishing.
I am really happy that it's over and I now have 3 months to be tortured by the cold. We got hit with a nice winter blizzard yesterday. I don't mind the snow. It's my excuse to do absolutely nothing. I am getting very organized around the house. The perfect time to clean out closets and drawers.
I had a great Christmas and spent the day making it disappear. I was able to get all the ornaments away. I want my house back to normal.

I am still dealing with the same old issues that I have been for years now. I have my surgical date set for January 21st.  It would have been sooner, but Paul and  I had to make some difficult decisions before I went forward. I changed the date three times!

I am getting tired of these horrible tumors!

It's almost a New Year. I am looking forward to the great things that will be happening. Hoping and praying that something health wise will change.

Winter Hugs


Elsa D. said...

i love you and I wish you a healthy happy... everything good year. I know what you mean by getting tired of these tumors!!! :(
I wish you a break dear Michelle

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

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