Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where is Everyone????

Hello Friends, Family & Bloggers,
I just read an interesting blog about a girl who is wondering where all her friends and family went. She was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago. Everyone was supportive for a while and then disappeared. I hear stories like this all the time.I remember sitting in the kitchen with my Nana just before she passed away ( went to heaven!).We talked about disappointment. I learned a lot that afternoon.I am a giver, a nurturer. I use to think that if you do something for someone, they in return would do the same for you one day.  I learned that if you think like this.....your going to be very disappointed. I  still remember back 6 years ago, I was 23. I was just diagnosed with the "Tumors". I had  brain surgery and learned that the people I thought would be there for me the most where not. 
Now, I know that everyone treats a situation differently. Some people are scared of hospitals, death....oh and Cancer! I have seen friends back away, disappear and step up to the plate. All I know is that I don't keep a running tally on how many phone calls I receive or cards I get. I will continue to be the person that I am & I don't need anything in return. I do the things I do because I enjoy making others happy. Word of advice to everyone who knows anyone going through a tough time, Cancer, death in the family...broken leg...etc. A simple phone call means the world to the other person. During times of crisis...We like to know who our People are! Definition of People : A person you can count on  to cry, scream, laugh, and eat a gallon of ice-cream on a Friday night with.Gather your People and have a great week! Peacelove&springtime

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