Sunday, March 30, 2008

3 Days left

 I have 3 more treatments left! Wednesday will be my last day in Boston.  I am hoping we can go 90 without getting pulled over by the cops. I can't wait to be home. 
I miss my dogs and most of all my own bed. 
If I have to see another statue, monument or building related to the constitution, Boston Tea party or Freedom trail, I am going to go banana's. I feel like I am in a high school history class nightmare.  
I can give you directions around Mass General Hospital. I have every floor figured out.


CROW said...

Not only have you done all that constitutional sightseeing, your husband is the spitting image of John Adams on that new HBO series...amazing..Hope all is well, its almost SEA-NAG season.....


Anchor Man

J-Lynn said...

Yay, only 2 more after today!!!

Watch where you spit out your gum k? ;-)

Don't forget to sing Shakira during treatment.

Milvy Stickell said...

Hurray!!!!! I'm very happy for you Two. Huntington is missing you. God Bless You guys. Don't run to much ok.